Find sustainable products, certified by independent, trusted labels. They are:


Finding sustainable alternatives just got easier with the biggest database of certified sustainable products on the internet*. Consumers vote with their money. Every purchase of a sustainable alternative is a clear sign to the industry. Join us and sign up for the waitlist to know when we launch.

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Certifiers & Labels we trust:

Handpicked certifiers & labels that follow the highest standards in the industry.

10.118 + Brands and counting

The is the number of brands in our directory that are certified with at least one of the above labels. Once we did our due diligence of labels we trust, it will be even more.

12+ Industries

We have brands and products from almost all industries.

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Our goal is to not just list brands, but also list all their products.

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Ever wondered what products people use to power their plastic free bathroom? You can create personal lists (favorite products) to share them with your friends or explore new ones here.

Vote with your money

You make a statement 💚 whenever you choose to buy from a brand that goes the extra mile to protect our planet. We make it easy for your to do just that.

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About us

Hi, I am Simon. I am a sustainability enthusiast, Product Manager and founder of, an indoor farming startup from Berlin. As you can see, this page is simply a landing page with a product concept. However, if enough people sign up (100+) I will start finding resource to make this a reality. It is technically absolutely feasible and at least for me, whenever I search for a new product I whish a resource like this would exist. Therefore if you think this approach is valuable, please consider subscribing to show me that it's worth spending more time on this. Thank you!

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